Covid has put the brakes on film festival screenings across the world. In 2020 there were only a small handful of screenings unfortunately.

With vaccinations kicking in we are hoping that 2021 will be a better success. Also, we’ve made some progress in figuring out a virtual festival.

Stay tuned for updates on our progress with venues and virtual festival screenings!

Meanwhile, if you still want to “host” the Waterwalker, there are many ways you can do this depending on the health guidelines where you are living. Small “bubble” screenings, especially outdoors, have been the mainstay of mini-screenings this past year. And by the fall, outdoor gatherings might be possible in greater numbers. What better way to enjoy the Waterwalker than on a crisp October night under the stars, cozy under a big woolen blanket, with a campfire blazing nearby and a group of paddling buddies?!

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