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Waterwalker – Since 1987

The Waterwalker Film Festival, begun by the legendary Bill Mason in 1987, is Canada’s longest running Paddling Film Festival. It is now run by Paddle Canada.

Why support the Waterwalker Film Festival?

  1. Waterwalker is a not-for-profit organisation with all proceeds going to support Paddle Canada‘s programs and the Bill Mason Scholarship. Support the Waterwalker, and you directly support paddling programs across Canada!
  2. Waterwalker has always supported grass roots film makers. That means that every year our selection includes rough-around-the edges home-brewed films. But we also include the cutting edge of paddling films as well. As such we have a broad array of exciting and inspiring films to choose from for your local club or store event.
  3. Hosts have access to all of this year’s as well as last year’s films. That means you have access to dozens of films to choose from as you customize your playlist to suit your audience.
  4. We are cutting edge. Waterwalker was the first Paddling Film Festival in Canada to offer HD films as data files. No messing with DVDs from the last century — just create your own playlist and sit back for an evening of great films.
  5. And if all that weren’t enough: we are affordable. At just $200 for a license to show our films for up to 3 screenings in your home town, the choice is obvious.

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