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2017 Waterwalker Film Festival Winners & Honourable Mentions

Botella                                         Environment

Mike McKay                                   5:11 minutes

The Rio Alseseca in Mexico tears its way from a dormant volcano high above Veracruz in a ceaseless torrent of waterfalls, a wildly majestic river that is one of the most unique in the world. The river, beloved as a paddler playground, plummets its way through towns and villages filling its banks and eddies with filth and forgotten things. Discarded as a dump, a small legion of paddlers are hoping a race through this heart-quickening waterscape might be the best way to save it.

Jondachi                                    Canadian Filmmaker 

Mike McKay/ Guy Erb                 12:51 minutes

The Jondachi river cuts its way through the jungles of the Napo Valley in Ecuador. For those who live with the river it provides more than a physical connection. It provides a connection that fills the spirit.

Rediscover North America                               Adventure

Winchell Delano, Dan Flynn                                       45 minutes

In March of 2014, six friends decided to attempt a canoe expedition from the Gulf of Mexico to the Arctic Ocean. Nine months later, they set out to do just that. They battled against the current on the Mighty Mississippi, weathered a winter of snow and ice, traversed massive lakes, dodged constantly shifting forest fires, and shot challenging whitewater. It took eight long months to complete the journey.

Eyes of God                                                            Action

Olaf Obsommer                                                            30:58 minutes

Thirty-three-year-old Tomass Marnics from Latvia has put together an international team of extreme kayakers. Together they plan to descent the legendary Saryjaz River. The expedition will take the adventurers directly to the Eyes of God, a mystical cliff face reminiscent of an enormous human face, in the no-man’s land between Kyrgyzstan and China.

Women Outward Bound                                Youth Adventure 

Maxine Davis and Melody Gilbert                          28:14 minutes

Fifty years ago, girls were not allowed to participate in the rigorous U.S. Outward Bound wilderness school. Then 24 women broke that barrier. Find out how one month of surviving in the woods changed them and history forever.

Download link: sent directly to WWFF by Maxine Davis


Wild Ones                                                        Music Adventure

Frank Wolf                                                            47:57 minutes

Wild ones documents an unconventional 750 km-long music tour undertaken by musician Peirson Ross and his roadie/tour manager, Frank Wolf. Instead of using his usual touring van, Peirson decides to promote his latest album by travelling fully self-propelled using that most quintessential of Canadian vehicles: the canoe.

Vimeo Trailer:

Message in a Plastic Bottle                        Best Sea Kayak Film 

Ken Campbell                                                        21:55 minutes

Message in a Plastic Bottle tells the story of the 150 mile journet of the Hyas jiem, a kayak constructed out of discarded single-use plastic bottles. This improbably voyage through Washington’s Puget Sound was made to help raise awareness about the proliferation of single-use plastics and the effect they have on our marine environment. Message in a Plastic Bottle is a documentary account of a unique small-boat adventure focused on the effects that plastic is having in the world’s oceans.

Vimeo trailer:

Together to the Tundra                                  Canadian Location

Dan Clark                                                                   21 minutes

TUNDRA = BUGS = CRAZY right? There is a lot more to the tundra than bugs, but few visit this northern wilderness. Paddling ancient waterways, our extended family discovers an exotic realm that is more isolated, varied, and memorable than we imagined.

River of a Path                                                Amateur

Alberto Sachero                                                    58:37 minutes

A solo canoe trip, from the centre of Turin in the nord-west Italy to the channels of Venice nord-east Italy, on a water trail along 400 miles. A journey full of emotions and feelings, the discovery off extraordinary landscapes and bizarre encounters with people of the banks. A journey in the silence with the sound of nature.


The Canoe                                                 Best Canoe Film 

Goh Iromoto                                                  26:58 minutes

“If it is love that blinds people to places in this nation of rivers and in this river of nations, then one enduring expression of that simple truth is surely the canoe.” –  James Raffan, adventurer, acclaimed author and director emeritus of the Canadian Canoe Museum. This short documentary film captures the remarkable bond created by Canada’s well-loved national symbol – the canoe. Illustrated by the stories of five paddling enthusiasts across the province of Ontario, Canada, viewers see firsthand how the canoe fosters connection between families, landscapes, traditional Canadian cultures and our inner selves. This film underscores the strength of the canoe and human spirit, and how the canoe is a vessel for creating deep and meaningful connections. This film is a reflection of what Canadian canoe culture looks like today.

Labrador Passage                                   Inspirational 

Peter Marshall                                                23:05 minutes

Labrador Passage is a documentary film that follows two men who set out to retrace a historic 1905 canoe journey through Labrador, using non-synthetic equipment such as a waxed canvas tent, tin-cloth rain gear and a cedar-canvas canoe. Blending history, adventure and profiles of the men and women who made the gear, this film explores what it means to be inspired and defeated by the wilderness.

Vimeo Trailers:

We Are Not Ready                                    Best Short

Hugo Clouzeau                                                  4:24 minutes

This summer French paddlers Stephane Pion – Mathieu Coldebella – Louis Hetier – Guillaume Fievez and Hugo Clouzeau will be exploring the rivers of Iceland. It will be a hell of a trip! BUT are they ready to throw themselves in those powerful Icelandic waterfalls? Before taking off, why not practice on some drops in the French Jura. 

Alone on the River                                    Documentary

Stephane Pion                                                    37 minutes

In the heart of the Himilayas, 5 world-class paddlers embark on a month long self-supported kayaking adventure. In this spectacularly harsh world of snow, rock and water, they’re faced with a myriad of challenges. Surviving and supporting one another proves harder than expected. Logistics are crucial. A whitewater kayak has minimal loading capacity, making the duration of the trip the critical factor.

From the back alleys of Kathmandu to the deepest gorges of the Langu Kola, via the frozen summits of the Upper Dolpo, experience this exceptional expedition.


Why                            7:08 minutes                                    Social Media

Les Eaux Blanches (French) (English)   52 minutes Feature Length

Hugo Clouzeau

Iceland. A cold, rugged and forbidding landscape where powerful rivers plunge through bedrock gorges, over massive waterfalls, towards the sea. Director Hugo Clouzeau and a crew of French kayakers travel here to ask the question, “Why?”

“Why? Why do we do this?”

In the GoPro age, images of extreme feats flood our social media streams. We watch skiers drop into impossibly steep and narrow shoots. We follow jumpers in wing suits flying over mountains. We see climbers, slackliners, mountain bikers and paddlers doing things that appear to most people insane, but the action seems empty when we don’t understand the motivation behind it. “Why?” we ask. “Why do they do this?”

WHY, a short film from NRS and We Are Hungry, goes beyond the spectacle of extreme kayaking in search of an elusive answer. (English)  (French)

Yukon SUP 2016                                        Best SUP Film 

Thomas Schillig                                            5:57 minutes

The Yukon River is one of the most historic River in North America. 120 years ago, thousands of stampeders went on the river to find their fortune. Today the gold has almost gone, but the adventure is still there. Find the fortune and discover this abandoned wilderness by Stand Up Paddleboard.

Honourable Mentions

Natla River: Ride the Dragon 

Dan Wong                                                        6 minutes

A journey down the remote and beautiful Natla River, Sahtu Region, Northwest Territories.

In the Middle of Everything

Nicholas Castel                                            4:21 minutes

This film is about the moments that stick in your heart forever, and those that rush you by in a whirlwind. In the north, the epic landscapes can make you feel like a small and insignificant part of the picture. But the existence of all things, no matter their size or function is significant at all scales. We exist in the perfectly intricate and unexplainable reality, “in the middle of everything”. Shot in Nunavut, Labrador, Greenland.

Vimeo link: 

Wilderness Trails 

Daryl Phillips & Scott Jordan                     40:21 minutes

After 22 years of paddling the waterways of Killarney Provincial Park, Daryl Phillips and Scott Jordan traded in their paddles for trekking poles. Wilderness Trails brings you along for the hike and shares with you their experience of hiking through the backcountry of the La Cloche Silhouette Trail within Killarney Provincial Park.

YouTube Trailer:

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